Chief Manufacturing at produces mounting brackets for our projectors.

Here are the mount part numbers for our projectors.

Model:                      Bracket #:
Casio XJ-350           LCDA215C
Casio XJ-360           RPA116
Casio XJ-450           RPA067
Casio XJ-560           RPA067
Casio XJ-A series    RPA259
Casio XJ-H series    RPA296
Casio XJ-M series    RPA293
Casio XJ-S30           RPA169
Casio XJ-S31           RPA209
Casio XJ-S35           RPA169
Casio XJ-S36           RPA209
Casio XJ-S41           RPA209
Casio XJ-S42           RPA209
Casio XJ-S46           RPA209
Casio XJ-S47           RPA209
Casio XJ-S52           RPA209
Casio XJ-S57           RPA209
Casio XJ-SC210       RPA209
Casio XJ-SC215       RPA209
Casio XJ-ST series  RPA296

The XJ-450 is an invertible projector, so the mount is on the bottom of the projector and the projector gets inverted on the ceiling. The XJ-350 is a non-invertible projector, but does have negative keystone correction, so the mount is more like a wrap around shelf. They both are mounted on 1 1/2" NPT pipes from the ceiling.

Another producer of mounting brackets is Premier Mounts at




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