1. Press and hold the power button on the watch for 10 seconds or more until the screen turns gray color from black color.
  2. While you press and hold the upper-right button, hold down the power button for three seconds to power-on device with recovery mode.
  3. You should see "FASTBOOT MODE" and "RECOVERY MODE" on the screen.
  4. Press lower-right button to highlight "RECOVERY MODE".
  5. Press power button to confirm the selection of "RECOVERY MODE". You should see an image of the Android mascot laying down.
  6. While you press and hold the power button, press the upper-right button. The "Recovery Mode" menu should appear.
  7. Press the lower-right button four times to highlight "Wipe data/factory reset".
  8. Press the power button to run "Factory reset".
  9. Press the lower-right button to highlight "Yes", then press the power button.
  10. Press the power button to reboot system now.

     This will take about 15 minutes to complete. 



  • Garrett M Morris

    Selecting recovery results in an red circle with an exclamation mark in it, not the bot on it's back. Seems the recovery img is corrupted. Unable to use recovery. How to flash/sideload recovery image and where do I get the recovery image file?

  • Alexej Laske

    Same problem for me

  • Alejandro Pruebas

    The explain it's wrong!

    keeping on pressing POWER BUTTON, and then the right-top button. Now You can see the menu of recovery mode.

    But I want bake a hard reset because I can't reconnect with my smartphone and don't work it!

  • Abdul Rafiq

    Same problem with me
    Can't recovery mode

  • Ranjith Kumar

    Same issue. Selecting recovery mode shows a big red exclamation mark. How do i reset or get into the recovery mode?

  • Nardolilli Claudio
    punto esclamativo rosso durante il ripristino delle impostazioni di fabbrica. Qualcuno ha risolto?
  • Nardolilli Claudio

    Selezionando il recupero si ottiene un cerchio rosso con un punto esclamativo, non il bot sul retro. Sembra che l'img di ripristino sia danneggiato. Impossibile utilizzare il ripristino. Come eseguire il flash/sideload dell'immagine di ripristino e dove posso ottenere il file dell'immagine di ripristino?

  • Giovanni

    Stesso problema e Casio non risolve

  • Giovanni

    come entrare nella procedura di ripristino, Qualcuno ha risolto?

  • Enrique Leycegui.

    Same issue, I followed the whole procedure and the same big red exclamation mark came-up. What else can we do?. Did someone else fix the problem?

  • Hattan ibrahim dewan

    Pls i have the same red exclamation it is not working help me

  • Anthony Topper

    I got the red exclamation point and got worried myself, but I was able to go into the settings menu and select "Disconnect and reset" without needing to go into Recovery Mode.

  • Baran Kurt

    If you managed it, could you please explain how, otherwise what is point of saying I did it? 

  • Andrea Bono

    Buongiorno qualcuno ha risolto come resettare il cerchio rosso con il punto esclamativo?

  • Victor Lopez

    Mismo problema del círculo rojo con signo de exclamación, por favor si alguien ha podido resolver este problema que pueda compartir la solución.


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