First, ensure that you have the correct settings for Gmail, as seen at the following link:





Port Number: 993


If you have verified that the settings are correct, then check the following Gmail or Google account settings (using a Web Browser on you computer):

1. 2-step verification is enabled. If that is the case, then you need to either disable 2-step verification, or (if you want to keep using it) use exactly the same ID/Password for both stages. 

2. The setting for "Allow less secure apps" might need to be enabled. Go to Gmail or your google account and search for "Allow less secure apps" to get to this setting.


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  • Ron Deere

    Sir or Madam,

         I have a 2888 GBC-32 watch.  It has been performing well up until last week when it reverted to 24 hour time. This is unacceptable! I had called your company about this and they said that I should press the "PM" button. This worked well in the past, but this time when I press this button, it does exactly NOTHING. Is there another way to bring 12 hour AM/PM back?

         Also, would you please provide the name of the mall where there is a little Casio office near 75126? I am Ron Deere (917) 476-5072.


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