1. Install pcunite program, make sure this is working before using the harmony software.
  2. Connect PAD2, or other adaptor, to serial port.  If using built in infrared port under Windows 95, disable the infrared monitor
  3. Go to control panel, system and device manager in windows.  Check which com port you are using and make sure that no other devices, such as an internal modem or another connected device like a pda or camera use the port.  If other devices use this port, disable that software program.
  4. Open pcunite software, click on the settings button it looks like a wrench and pliers
  5. On the general tab, click add and put in a watch name.  Click OK
  6. Click on Advanced, select the proper adaptor, and correct com port.  Click OK
  7. Click the 1st icon, transfer.  The first time you need to set up the file name.  Click OK
  8. Select one category to synchronize, click execute
  9. Set watch to transfer, click OK.



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