Can't transfer songs, USB isn't recognized, MIDI USB device won't install.

1) Configure USB MIDI device first. Connect USB midi cable/device you have,
A) Insert accompanying CD and complete installation of that device before connecting to keyboard.

2) Connect the OUT to the IN on the keyboard
Connect the IN to the OUT on the keyboard

(This may be different depending on the MIDI device being used. Please see the MIDI device instructions for proper connection.)

3) Configure MIDI IN and MIDI OUT on the computer MIDI software.

These must both be the same and named for the device/cable you installed (i.e. MIDI IN - Yahama UX-16 and MIDI OUT - Yamaha UX-16 or whatever manufacturers device you have)

No matter what software is used MIDI IN and OUT MUST be configured in order to create connectivity between the software and the PC. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS RULE. If the customer does not know how to configure the MIDI IN and OUT with their Non-Casio software, they must contact their software vendor.

4) Once this is installed, almost EVERY MIDI software has some TEST mode.

5) Make sure Local Contol = ON on the keyboard itself.

6) If keyboard is in sleep mode (Lighted Keys are playing by themselves with no sound), please hit a key and re-activate the keyboard before data transfer will work.

7) If still having problems, did you navigate to Device Manager, locate any device with an "!" or "?", double click it, click the driver tab and UPDATE DRIVER?


LK100/200/300 and MIDI TimeOut                                                                        1/10/07
Customer receives MIDI TIMEOUT error


Install USB Driver from Casio CD

Connect the USB cable to the keyboard and the other end to the computer

Turn the keyboard ON.


Install and OPEN the SMF Converter software

Navigate to and select a file to send to the keyboard

Select Send to keyboard

If you receive a MIDI TIMEOUT error, disconnect the USB cable

Open SMF Converter

Select the same file and select Send to Keyboard

You should receive a window that looks like the one on the attached document.


The settings MUST be exactly as shown on the attached document

Once changed or confirmed, retry the above procedure



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