There are two methods of connecting a Casio keyboard or digital piano to a computer: using standard MIDI In/Out ports, or using USB. Most of our current keyboards use one method or the other, although a few models have both. The attached document lists most of the keyboards and digital pianos that Casio has released over the last 15 years, along with the types of connections that they support.


Keyboards that have standard MIDI In/Out ports can be used with any computer operating system, as long as your computer is equipped with a MIDI interface that is compatible with your operating system, and you have the appropriate cables to connect the keyboard to the MIDI interface. When using this type of connection, there is no driver needed for the keyboard, although it is possible that the MIDI interface might require a driver (check the documentation for the MIDI interface, or contact the manufacturer of the MIDI interface).


The keyboard connects to the computer using a standard USB A-to-B cable. This type of cable can be purchased from most computer stores or electronics stores.

Refer to the attached document to determine USB compatibility. Some keyboards require an additional driver to be installed--this driver is only available for certain versions of Windows. No USB driver is available for Mac OS or other operating systems.

Models that are listed as "USB Class Compliant (no driver needed)" are compatible with most newer versions of Windows (XP or later), as well as newer versions of Mac OS X, without the need for an additional driver. (The exception is Windows Vista 64-bit, see below.) If you have a "class compliant" keyboard, but the computer and keyboard are not communicating, then this is not a driver issue, so do not recommend that the customer download a driver (it will do nothing to improve the situation). Instead, verify that the cable is properly connected, and verify settings in whatever MIDI software is being used.


Connect Keyboard to an Apple iPad

If you have a keyboard that is "class compliant" USB-MIDI (which includes all Casio keyboards made since 2010), then you can connect the keyboard to an Apple iPad. To do this, you need to obtain Apple’s own "Camera Connection Kit", which allows USB-MIDI keyboards to be used with apps such as GarageBand. If our keyboard is not working with a particular Apple iPad application, then it is likely because the app is not functioning, not because of our keyboard. A test using GarageBand on the iPad will confirm this.




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