WK3700 and Music Data Management Software (5/9/06)

The directions below include downloading software from http://music.casio.com and loading the sample rhythms from the included floppy disk.


NOTE: While this process only details the Rhythm process, it the same for User Tones, User DSP, Drawbar, etc. on the included floppy disk and when downloading from http://www.casio-europe.com/euro/emi/cms/


Open Internet Browser

Type music.casio.com and press ENTER on the computer keyboard

Under "International Links", click the arrow and select ENGLISH


Scroll down to Music Data Management Software 3.0

Click Download Software


Either the download process will begin automatically or you may need to click download manually

You will be prompted to SAVE or OPEN

Click SAVE

The SAVE box and change the Look-In to DESKTOP

Click RUN and then RUN again
Choose Setup Language will appear with English as the default

Click OKAY

Preparing to Install will begin.

Follow installation to FINISH


Open the Casio Music Management software

Click START/Programs or All Programs

Select Casio


Music Data Management

A dialog box will pop-up asking you to configure MIDI IN and MIDI OUT

Both should be the same and correspond to the MIDI connection you purchase (this should come with an installation disk and installation instructions)

In the Music Management software, click FILE/PREFERENCE


(Note the directory where this program saves)


Insert the floppy disk into the drive and double click the My Computer icon

Double click Floppy Drive

Double click the Rhythm folder on the Floppy

Select ALL of the individual Rhythms and select COPY

PASTE them in to the FOLDER where the Music Management Software saves (this usually ends with DATA)


In the Music Management Software, under PC, click the double blue arrow.

In the drop down menu above PC, click the arrow and select User Rhythms


Click the WK3700 tab in the right window

Click the blue arrow beneath WK3700

(This activates the connection between the computer and the keyboard

NOW, click the Rhythm on the left and the location on the keyboard on the right

Click the arrow in between the two windows to begin copying from the computer to the keyboard


Note: if the location on the right remains the same as you select Rhythms on the left, you will continually over write the rhythm you copied to the keyboard

Note the rhythms location in the Music management software, 160-175

After you have copied ALL rhythms to the keyboard, press Rhythm button and using the numeric keypad, enter the number of the location where you copied the file


Press Start



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