If your musical instrument has a slot for a memory card, then specific details regarding the types of cards that are supported can be found in the user's manual.


The most common types of memory card used in our instruments today are SD and SDHC cards. These cards can be frequently found in electronics stores and computer stores. SD cards are available in capacities up to 2 GB, while SDHC cards range from 4 GB to 32 GB. Some older keyboard models (released from 2006-2009) can only work with SD cards of 1 GB or lower capacity, while many newer models support 2 GB SD cards as well as SDHC cards. Again, please refer to your instrument's manual for details on compatible cards.


Some keyboards that were on the market from 2003-2006 used an earlier memory card format called SmartMedia. These cards are no longer being manufactured, so they may be extremely difficult to find in the current market. Most mainstream retailers no longer carry SmartMedia, so it would be best to check some online or specialty electronics stores. If your keyboard supports SmartMedia, then you must use a 3.3V card (5V cards are incompatible).


They use a 3.3V card up to 128MB.

You can purchase SmartMedia Cards at the following:




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