There are several possible causes. Your keyboard may have some or all of the following settings. Adjust the settings that pertain to your keyboard.

  1. Transpose: Allows you to adjust the keyboard in semitone steps. When troubleshooting problems with the pitch of the keyboard, you should set this to the default (neutral) setting. This is usually represented numerically as "0" or "00".
  2. Tuning: Allows for fine adjustment of the pitch. When troubleshooting, you should also set this to the default (neutral) setting. Like the Transpose setting, this is usually represented numerically as "0" or "00".
  3. Temperament: If your keyboard has this feature, then you can adjust to different scales. If only some notes sound out of tune, while others sound in tune, then you might be using a different temperament than what the song requires. If you are unsure which temperament to use, then set to the default setting, or "Equal Temperament".
  4. Octave shift: Lets you shift the keyboard up or down in octave increments. If the keyboard sounds much higher or lower than usual (though not necessarily "out of tune"), then you may need to reset this to the default setting.
  5. Pitch bend wheel: If your keyboard has a pitch bend wheel, then it may be stuck or misaligned. Try moving the wheel a few times to ensure that it is not physically stuck


Lastly try a Factory Reset on the Keyboard to restore the unit back to Factory Defaults.

Keyboard Reset Instructions



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