I can't get my Casio keyboard to communicate with my SMF converter software


Applicable Models

CTK-800, LK-70S/90TV/93TV/200S/300TV, PX-100/300/310/400R/500L, AP-24/26/80R


If any customer calls owning one of the models above, direct them to the attached website and download the latest version. http://music.casio.com/e/


1) Uninstall the existing version of SMF Converter from your computer

2) Download and install the NEWEST version SMF Converter from the attached link

3) Connect the keyboard and turn it on

4) Open the SMF Converter

5) Select the File(.MID) you want to send to the keyboard

6) Make certain Send to Keyboard is selected

7) Click OKAY


NOTE: They must always follow the BASIC USB Connectivity directions currently in QC



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