The firmware version 1.10 update for PX-5S can be obtained by going to the following link:

Improvements provided by this update:

Improving the Key Follow function of Hex Layer.
Adding a portamento function to the Melody tones and the Hex Layer tones.
Adding a volume control to the Audio Recorder.
Adding a volume control to the Damper Noise.
Adding ‘Toggle Mode’ to the Pedal Function.
Adding MIDI Rx message filters.
Expanding the frequency range of the Master Equalizer.
Expanding the frequency range of the DSP Equalizer.
Adding a Fine tune to the DSP Pitch Shifter.
Adding a Bypass to the System Effects and the Master Effects.
Adding a destination parameters to the controllers (Knobs, Sliders, Modulation and Pedals).
Adding a calibration function of the position of the Knobs.
Adding a sample waves to the Hex Layer.
For more information, please download the firmware version 1.10 user's manual.

Installation Instructions Video:




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