The entry level models that have an SD card slot will back up sales data which is determined by the totalizers a particular model offers. The file format is *.CSV (comma separated values).

Use the following procedure to set up the register so that it can export the report data onto an SD card.

1. Turn key to PGM mode.
2. Highlight "General Setting" (using the cursor up/down keys) and press Ca/Amt Tend.
3. Highlight "EJ/Sales->SD(After XZ)" and press Ca/Amt Tend.
4. Highlight "YES" and press Ca/Amt Tend. (Default for this setting is "NO".)
5. Press Subtotal.

After that, go to X or Z mode and generate a report (such as the daily report). The cash register will create CSV files on the SD card, containing the report data.

NOTE: After this procedure has been done, the register takes additional time (several seconds) to write the CSV data to the SD card whenever reports are performed. If this is not desired, then disable the CSV export. To do this, follow the above procedure and change the setting in step 4 to "NO".



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