Programming Tax Rate

Non-printing models (also applies to HR-8TE and HR-8TM printing calculators):

1. Press [AC]
2. Hold [SET/%] key for about 2 seconds
3. Press [TAX+]
4. Input the tax rate
5. Press [SET/%]

Printing models (except HR-8TE/HR-8TM):

1. Have calculator in "print" mode
2. Press [CA]
3. Hold [SET/%] key for about 3 seconds
4. Input the tax rate
5. Press [TAX+]
6. Press [SET/%]


Printing models HR-8tm

1. Hold Set/% until it starts to print

2. Press tax +

3. Type in tax rate

4. Press set/%

5. Press AC


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  • Elizabeth Hilger

    would really like printing instructions in English for setting up and using HR-170RC for everyday calculations not just for taxes.


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