A patch script is the file which integrates MIDI devices like keyboards with your DAW software. By installing this file into your DAW, you will be able to select patches by choosing a tone name from the list instead of entering bank numbers and program numbers.

We currently provide patch script files for Cubase, Sonar, Digital Performer and ProTools. These can be obtained by going to the following link:


Scroll down to the "Patch Script" section of the page.

Models that are currently supported as of 2/12/24 include:

Digital Pianos:

  • CGP-700
  • PX-5S
  • PX-360M
  • PX-560M
  • PX-S3000

Digital Synthesizers:

  • XW-G1
  • XW-P1


  • CT-X700/CT-X800
  • CT-X3000/CT-X5000
  • CT-X3100/CT-X5100
  • CT-X8000IN/CT-X9000IN
  • CT-X870IN
  • CTK-3500
  • MZ-X300
  • MZ-X500




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