Turn the key to PGM mode, select "DEPT Setting", and press Ca/Amt Tend. Bring up the detail screen for the department that you want to modify, as described on page E-35 of the PCR-T540/PCR-T560/SR-S820 manual or page E-34 of the PCR-T2500/PCR-T2600/SR-S920 manual. After you complete step 4 of this procedure, you should see the detail screen, which resembles the following image:

Scroll down to "Advanced" and press Ca/Amt Tend. This will bring up several options, including "Single Item" (for single-item sales), "0 Unit Price" and "Negative Price". Select the option that you want to adjust and press Ca/Amt Tend. You can then select either "YES" to enable the status for this option, or "NO" if you want to disable this status, and then press Ca/Amt Tend to confirm the setting.


Alternatively, if you have a Windows-based PC and an SD card or SDHC card (up to 32 GB in capacity--higher capacity cards are not supported), you can use the ECR Setting Tool software  on your computer to modify department settings. The ECR Setting Tool software for these particular registers can be downloaded by clicking this link. The procedure to modify department settings is described on page 23 of the Utilization Guide (the "Help" file within the software).




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