• Allowing your watch to remain in contact with other items or storing it together with other items for long periods while it is wet can cause color on resin components to transfer to the other items, or the color of the other items to transfer to the resin components of your watch. Be sure to dry off your watch thoroughly before storing it and make sure it is not in contact with other items.
  • Leaving your watch where it’s exposed to direct sunlight (ultraviolet rays) for long periods or failure to clean dirt from your watch for long periods can cause it to become discolored.
  • Friction caused by certain conditions (strong external force, sustained rubbing, impact, etc) Can cause discoloration or painted components.
  • If there are printed figures on the band, strong rubbing or the printed area can cause discoloration.
  • Leaving your watch wet for long periods can cause fluorescent color to fade. Wipe the watch dry as soon as possible after it becomes wet.
  • Semi-transparent resin parts can become discolored due to sweat and dirt, and if exposed to high temperatures and humidity for long periods.
  • Daily use and long-term storage of your watch can lead to deterioration, breaking, or bending of resin components. The extent of such damage depends on the usage conditions and stores conditions.



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