ECR Setting Tool software is available for a PC using the Windows operating system. You also need an SD card (up to 2 GB in capacity) or SDHC card (up to 32 GB in capacity).


Be sure to download the correct version of the software that supports your cash register model.


PCR-T500, PCR-T520, PCR-T2300, PCR-T2400, SE-S800, SE-S900



PCR-T285, PCR-T295, SE-S100



PCR-T540, PCR-T560, PCR-T2500, PCR-T2600, SR-S820, SR-S920



Additional information:


■ Operating systems

  • Windows 7 (32Bit/64Bit) Service Pack 1 or higher
  • Windows 8, 8.1 (32Bit/64Bit)
  • Windows 10 (32Bit/64Bit)

■ Hardware requirements

  • IBM PC/AT compatible
  • CPU: Should meet the minimum requirements of the OS
  • RAM: Should meet the minimum requirements of the OS
  • Hard disk space: More than 1GB free disk space
  • Display: XGA (1024 x 768), high color (16-bit) or higher
  • Mouse or other pointing device
  • SD/SDHC card reader/writer
    • If your PC is equipped with a SD/SDHC card slot, you can use that slot.

■ Required software

  • Adobe Acrobat Ver. 7.0 or higher, or Adobe Reader Ver. 7.0 or higher
    • The help manual for ECR Setting Tool is a pdf format document.




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