Q. What is a yacht timer? Which Casio watches have a yacht timer?

A. The yacht timer helps you to prepare for the start of a regatta or yacht race. Unlike racing or sprinting, for example, it is not possible to reach maximum speed on command in a yacht race. Therefore, the boats used in yacht races allow 5 or 10 minutes extra time to "get going" or pick up speed. At the start signal, the yachts do not start sailing to the finish line as you would expect, they sail to the actual start line. The boat only enters the race once it reaches the actual start line after the elapsed time and must try to reach the finish line as quickly as possible.

The yacht timer helps to determine the start point by counting down 10 minutes, and emitting a beep for each minute that has elapsed. In the last 10 seconds before the end of the time, the watch beeps every second. When it reaches zero, the watch emits three beeps to indicate the end of the 10 minute period.





Yacht timer

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As of 8/16/18, PRW2500 is a currently available watch model that has a yacht timer. PAW1500 is an older model that is no longer available, which also has a yacht timer.



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